Round & Flat Head Solid Rivets

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Blind (Pop) Rivets

Blind rivets, also known as pop rivets, are tubular with a mandrel through the center. Pop rivets are used when access to the joint is available from only one side. Blind rivets are fully installed in a joint from only one side of a part or structure, "blind" to the opposite side.

The rivet is inserted into a hole, drilled through the parts to be joined, and a rivet tool is used to pull the mandrel into the rivet. This expands the blind end of the rivet and then the mandrel snaps off. A tight joint formed by the rivet body remains, the head of the mandrel remains encapsulated on the blind side, and the mandrel stem is ejected.

Blind rivets are usually avoided for critical structural joints because the mandrels may fall out leaving a hollow rivet that has a lower load-carrying capability than solid rivets.

Bayou City Bolt carries pop rivets in a variety of head styles. We stock steel, aluminum and stainless steel rivets.

Solid Rivets

Bayou City Bolt offers a variety of round and flat head solid rivets. Solid rivets are used in applications where reliability and safety count.

Solid rivets consist simply of a shaft and head that are deformed with a hammer or rivet gun. The setting of these fasteners requires access to both sides of a structure. Flat head and round solid rivets are set using hydraulic or pneumatic squeezing tools or even a handheld hammer.

Although high-strength bolts have largely replaced structural steel rivets in building and bridge construction, solid rivets are still used within the structural parts of aircraft and for semi-truck trailers. 


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