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Bayou City Bolt, a leading hex head plugs supplier, is a proud socket pipe plug distributor. Stainless Steel Pipe plugs are used in different types of industries such as plumbing, hydraulic systems and gas piping and are designed to seal the end of threaded pipes to stop the flow of liquids or gas. As a leading socket pipe plugs distributor, Bayou City Bolt is able to provide different types of materials such as stainless steel pipe plugs and hex head plugs. NPT Dry Seal Pipe Plugs are used in piping carrying anything from potable water to natural gas and chemically aggressive liquids. These plugs use a thread taper that provides solid and vibration-resistant assemblies.

Socket Pipe Plugs Distributor

NPT (National Pipe Taper) is a general-purpose tapered pipe thread, that relies on thread interference for tight, strong connections. It is this tapered design that creates the thread interference fit.

The taper of the pipe plug threads is relative to their center axis, creating a cone shape for both the internal and external threads.  NPT thread standards for Dry Seal Pipe Plugs define the taper at a rate of 3/4 of an inch per foot, 1/16 inch per inch of length or 1.7899 degrees.

NPT pipe plug threads use the tapered thread to make a strong connection. The thread taper wedges the male and female thread flanks together. This wedging action creates an elastic compression between the threads, also known as thread deformation, which creates a tension between the mating threads that holds them tightly together. The thread deformation, and the friction it causes between the thread surfaces, works to lock the threads together in a strong, tight connection that will not vibrate loose.

It should be noted that NPT Dry Seal thread design allows slight clearance between the thread crests and mating roots. This clearance creates a spiral leak path along the male thread crests. The leak path is why NPT connections require a thread sealant to be leakproof.  If a leakproof connection is required, then either a Teflon (PTFE) tape or thread sealing compound should be used. Because the threads are tapered (both male and female), NPT threaded plugs are vulnerable to overtightening that can permanently distort the threads. It is fairly easy to overtighten and permanently damage the threads or split or crack a female connection. Therefore, you should not use torque as a reference for installing NPT threaded pipe plugs.  Instead, it is recommended that you should start with a finger or hand tight installation plus some wrench tight turns.  A simple rule of thumb for installing tapered thread pipe lugs is finger tight plus one to two turns with a wrench.

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Bayou City Bolt, leading hex head plugs supplier, carries Hex, Socket and Square Pipe Plugs. These plugs are available in steel, brass and stainless steel. All plugs are NPT threads. Sizes for steel Pipe Plugs range from 1/8” NPT through 2” NPT. Stainless Steel Pipe Plugs run up to 1-1/2” NPT. As a socket pipe plugs distributor, Bayou City Bolt is able to assist you in all your needs. Contact our team of experts today to learn more about how we can help you today.


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