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Low carbon steel is a fairly soft and relatively weak material. It cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Strengthening can only be accomplished by cold working. It does, however, have good ductility and toughness as well as being easily machinable, and weldable. It is also inexpensive to produce. Low carbon steel contains less than 0.25% carbon. The yield strength of low carbon material is about 40,000 psi and tensile strength is in the 60,000 to 80,000 psi range. As a leading low carbon steel fastener supplier, Bayou City Bolt, a low carbon steel fastener supplier, can answer all your needs regarding grades, sizes, and materials

SAE J429 Grade 1, ASTM A307 Grade A and SAE J429 Grade 2 all fall into the low carbon category.

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Common Applications

  • Structural - it meets seismic and wind requirements for buildings and bridges
  • Cooking - it doesn't rust and can stay sharper longer
  • Machined Parts - its malleability allows it to be pressed and shaped without breaking
  • Automobile body components

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