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Our fastener bin management supplier program is a customer-driven, customer-managed program. The customer will determine their requirements; the types of bin, the fasteners required, and schedules. This provides maximum flexibility for the customer. The customer can adjust their purchasing as project requirements or assignments change with our bolt & fastener bin services.

When the customer places their first order, Bayou City Bolt will ship the required bins and fasteners, packaged individually. The customer may then reorder as necessary or set up recurring deliveries. We will keep records of previous purchases and delivery in order to guarantee materials will be in stock. Our fastener bolt and fastener bin services provide flexibility to our clients. 

  • Fastener bin management supplier
  • Pre-packaged for easy placement.
  • Smaller version of our VMI program
    • Customer-driven and managed.
  • Works well in the shop or maintenance vehicles.
  • Variety of bin types and sizes available
  • Improves inventory management.
  • Stocking requirements can be adjusted based on anticipated work-load
  • Scheduled delivery of replacement fasteners
  • Customers can create inventory lists, review pricing, and schedule delivery dates.

When a company is considering using a bin stocking system, they should consider several factors:

  1. Work-flow – how do the components make it to the work area?
  2. What and how many activities are required to procure and move components to the work area?
  3. What are the physical routes taken? How can they be minimized?
  4. Are there:
    1. Shared work areas
    2. Tool and parts rooms
    3. Inventory controls for the stock room and the work areas?
  5. Inventory Control –
    1. Which items are restocked most often?
    2. Do you need safety stock? How much?
    3. Who is responsible?

 To learn more about our fastener bin management supplier services, contact us today!

We offer the lowest minimums in the industry, and sell by the piece or in
bulk - you buy only the fasteners you need!

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