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City and local governments rely on Bayou City Bolt to help their maintenance and repair facilities run efficiently.  Public Works and Engineering Departments count on us to keep their projects on schedule.

County & State Departments

Bayou City Bolt provides fasteners to a wide variety of County and State departments.  Highway and transportation, Departments of Justice, water treatment, and Flood Control departments all count on Bayou City Bolt.

Utility Districts

Water and waste water treatment plants rely on Bayou City Bolt for their fastener needs.  Our stainless and galvanized nuts and bolts are used throughout these facilities.  Electrical and telecommunication districts also depend on us for pole and transmission line fasteners.


Local bus and lite rail facilities call on Bayou City Bolt to maintain their stock for maintenance and repair.  Truck and rail companies count on us when they need to maintain their equipment.

We offer the lowest minimums in the industry, and sell by the piece or in
bulk - you buy only the fasteners you need!

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