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When a company chooses Bayou City Bolt's bolt & screw VMI, we can work with the customer in a variety of ways.  A member of our sales staff will meet with the customer’s purchasing staff as well as any end-users in order to accurately determine the scope and requirements of the fastener vendor managed system. At this meeting, we will be prepared to discuss the customer's overall concept of a fastener vendor managed system and what they hope to accomplish.  We will also be prepared to discuss the types and styles of bins, the customer's fastener requirements, as well as schedules and purchasing requirements.

In addition, we would ask any potential customers to consider the following questions.

  1. What are your goals for the VMI program?
  2. Work-flow – how do the components make it to the work area?
  3. What and how many activities are required to procure and move components to the work area?
  4. What are the physical routes taken? How can they be minimized?
  5. Do these routes provide access to the bins? How much area is available?
  6. Are there:
    1. Shared work areas
    2. Tool and parts rooms
    3. Inventory controls for the stock room and the work areas?
  7. Inventory Control –
    1. Which items are restocked most often?
    2. Do you need safety stock? How much?
    3. Who is responsible?

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