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Power & Energy Fasteners

Bayou City Bolt stocks bolts for both new construction and maintenance within the oil and gas industry. We have supplied B7 Studs and All Thread for new piping construction, headed bolts for machinery and equipment, and anchor bolts for metal buildings.

Bayou City Bolt stocks many of the oil and gas industry fasteners required for your application. Our extensive inventory includes B7 rod and studs, GR. 8 headed bolts, Structural Bolts and Machine Screws. We also keep a large inventory of Stainless Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized, and Xylan coated fasteners.

Upstream exploration and production companies use our fasteners for their masts, cranes, mud pumps, substructures, and engines. Midstream oil and gas companies use our fasteners for flange and valve bolting in their pipelines, and storage facility construction. Downstream producers utilize our bolts in their production and storage facilities, MRO shops, and transportation facilities.

Power and Energy

Bayou City Bolt can supply the oil and gas industry fasteners for your power and energy fastener projects. We supply fasteners for the construction and maintenance of power plants, transmission lines, and substations as well as anchor bolts for cooling towers, transformers, etc.

Whether you are working with traditional fuels for energy production or building new wind and solar plants, Bayou City Bolt can help you stay on schedule. Contact us now for more information on our power & energy fasteners.

We offer the lowest minimums in the industry, and sell by the piece or in
bulk - you buy only the fasteners you need!

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